Learned Ignorance


This is no poem,  not in the traditional sense. 
It’s a show em all expose of our lack of common sense,
Common decency is gone as people are reduced to common denominations.
Words, like blows become currency, and currently the nominations
For worst human being in the world is a close race
Between just about everyone that comments about race
On any online forum filled with hate filed under funny.
But honey,  that ish ain’t funny and I’m tired of acting sunny
When I’ve been cracked open and spilled sunny side on a plate
Served no sweet revenge but broken dreams and steady drips of hate.
Though trolls cavort and cackle on online message boards
Spilling out the garbage that most people can only hoard
And hide in their quite disapproval and sideways glances,
I am not here to lambast or lament our missed chances
But rather look at the cause of this venerable disease. 
The ignorance is cultivated,  untended it would cease.
Except the school accept false teachings
Rewriting history to obscure to white wash all our reachings
We are taught ignorance and fed fermented falsehoods
That leave us broke and stuck living in hoods. 
The intended ignorance that grows ignoramus intellectuals
Incapable of conceptualizing our power,  so we stuck in perpetual
Warfare in a war that quite frankly ain’t fair. 
So I don’t blame you Internet warrior, you only dare
Defend your ignorance.  I blame the system that allows it
And creates and sells it. 


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