How To Cheer Up A Girl You Love


When a girl you love is feeling down you must remind her that the valley is dark and lonely

But remind her that she does not need to be afraid of the dark because she is bright,

like lightning bugs that dance the night away and glowing from within, they do not fear

the dark but treasure it because only in darkness can they let the world be blessed with light.

She might feel lonely but it is your job to remind her that loneliness is a choice

and while you still breathe you will be there like a heated blanket in the winter,

she can choose to use you as a place of safety or not but you will still be there at her side

you can remind her that sometimes it is OK to be afraid, it’s Ok to run away like a sprinter

but remind her that tomorrow she will have to pick up her cross and carry it like only she can.

She will probably doubt you and tell you that you don’t understand and she won’t be wrong

because you cannot understand what she is going through but tell her that you can feel

without understanding and you can have faith in her ability to conquer and be strong.

Remind her that butterflies were not born queens but crawled before receiving wings.

Tell her she is beautiful, because it is true and because she needs to hear it

and tell her that she is perfect because it is not true but she needs to hear it

and tell her that she can do it because you believe it and she needs to hear it

and tell her that sometimes it is OK to fall but remind her that winners never quit.

Apologize for the cluttered cliches but remind her there is truth in every cliche

Tell her she is both butterfly and firefly because she glows deep and shines bright

and remind her that world is her oyster and even if that makes no sense still say

it because maybe then she will smile and the sunlight will break through the clouds.

Or maybe she won’t because sometimes clouds are hard to break through.

Tell her that is OK, because even in the storm and gray she still makes you so proud.

Remind her you love her and hope that in the end, that is enough.


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