Smile Anyway


Momma Gump said that life is like a box of chocolates,

because you never know what you are gonna get.

She lied.

Life ain’t easy unless you were born with a silver spoon

and even then there are holes that money can’t make whole.


Sometimes life will punch you in the face and spit on you,

closing the doors to your house and leaving you homeless.

Smile Anyway.

Sometimes life will knock you out and kick you as you fall,

waiting until you begin to hope and then closing the door.

Smile Anyway


Sometimes life will break you and beat you into the ground,

shattering your bones and trying to crush your spirit with stress.

Smile Anyway.


Life is cold and uncaring sometimes and it will cut you down,

taking your car and smashing it like a toy, leaving you cut off.

Smile Anyway.

Life will molest you and try to strip you of your humanity,

desecrating the holy temple of your body with scarred memories.

Smile Anyway.


Sometimes life will leave you high and dry, darkness blinding,

depression sinking it’s teeth into your soul and refusing peace.

Smile Anyway.


Smile Anyway because to smile is to fight, to spit in the face

of danger and to tell like that you will not be cowed.

Smile anyway because smiling is beautiful in a way that only

souls can see and you never know who needs that smile.

Smile because even though life is a cold hearted dog

she is beautiful and like Pandora she is more than the negative.

Smile because every time you smile that candle shines bright,

the only light that keeps the darkness at bay, so smile bright.

Infect another with that joy because sometimes a smile is all you

are, sometimes smiling is all you have left to offer the world.

Look at the problems and the darkness rising like a mighty army,

and smile.

Not because you are brave or because you are foolish.

Smile because you are afraid but you still have hope.

Smile because you are alive and even in the deepest darkness.

A smile shines brighter than a midday sun on Mercury.

Smile anyway 🙂


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