Midnight Magic


Only in the middle of the night can you lose sight of reality
and in your blindness truly see what you could possibly be.
In the midnight hours of dark thoughts and stark imaginings
you get a glimpse into a world of possibilities nigh endless.
The elusive wander lust that takes your soul on a journey
spanning entire galaxies and encapsulating the entirety of time.
One second passes and one heart beats but you have lived and died,
struggled and survived in lands so foreign that only your soul
remembers. You dismembered memories merely fragments of dreams.
Only in the witching hour, the midnight magic do you remember.


Wanna Be God


You need an ego to write.
Not unlike a balloon full of hot air.
Stocked by flames burning with desire
to touch the skies, conquer all you dare.

Writing needs red blood pumping,
star dust churning creativity that flares.
Bright ideas dancing dangerously clear
until the whole world is set alight like night.

We, wanna be writers are wanna be creators
creating chasms and covering craters with questions.
We breath life into realities and reverse universes.
To write is to create, to consummate the human desire
To write is to want to be God.