My heart is heavy, like stone or lead for the blood shed
The black sheep sacrificed upon an altar of hatred, led to eternal silence
I weep not for the dust still mimicking humanity for the soul has long flown,
My tears fall for the present,  the ones presented with perfect sorrow in the form on tomorrow’s not shared.
My tears shatter paths across  my hard face and quake my heart awake
Awake my blood awake and pump salvation through your system
Banish the poison plaguing our blood purchased dream and rise.
We are not beaten. We are not defeated.   A sleeping lion may be wounded but ware  our rising roar.
Painted evil,  and demon by the paltry poultry masses we will wear night  like a cloak
The shine of ours stars will blind even the heavens and we will awake the night. 
God made light but darkness was his first companion. 
So we who shunned by the darkness of our skin sat closest to the creator
Reveling in the silence of space but silent we refuse to remain
This is our proclamation of freedom.
We are no longer bound by hate and spite
We are free