Does the Egg Fear Breaking?


Does an egg fear it’s breaking?

Shuddering at the thought of it’s shattering,

powerful walls unable to beat back the tide of becoming?

Does a seed dread it’s growth?

Helplessly shedding it’s skin to the sun’s touch

unable to control the torrent of growth rising from within?

Does the egg know that it’s walls only chain it?

Does the egg know that breaking with free it

to soar across the sky, king of aerial domain?

Or does it only think of the pain of the shattering?

Does the seed delight in the cold embrace of earth,

not knowing that the sun’s caress is warmer than life;

not knowing to grow is to marry the earth to the sky?

Does a spirit fear it’s awakening?

Clinging to walls and habits strenuously built,

Chained to a body too lax and lazy to reach for the stars?

Does the spirit know it is royalty?

Powerful beyond measure or understanding

Does the spirit know?

Or is it afraid?


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