How Do I Start?


I have been frustrated because I have big goals and aspirations and I am very afraid of starting so I keep pushing them off. I read this blog post and it made me look at it a bit differently:

So here I am…starting.

I will start by simply listing what I want to accomplish.

I want to learn a new language. Either French, Spanish, Arabic or Japanese. I haven’t decided yet. Maybe all of them.

I want to get in shape. Not just functional but strong. Like One hand handstand push ups strong.

I want to learn how to code proficiently enough to build a website from scratch.

I want to get deep with my poetry. Write something that shakes the world awake.

I want to memorize the entire Bible. I want to do it quickly, but I also want to do it deeply. I am conflicted on this.

I want to learn sign language. It is an important gesture for me to complete what I promised.

This is it. This is me starting. Baby steps.


One thought on “How Do I Start?

  1. This is it, this is how you start–by figuring out what you want. Baby steps, big leaps–“We will wait for the slowest; we will sooner or later catch up with the fastest.” I believe in you, and you have some great goals.

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