Your Love is My Drug


Does your heartbeat ever stutter to a st…stop,

when confronted with beauty too transcendent to taste?

Girl you give me diabetus with your fine self, self so fine

like spun sugar, spinning ballerina dancing through the stars.

You are the sweet that makes my tooth ache, the bitter

that makes my coffee wake my sunny heart into a rainstorm.

You are a summer storm, all sunny and rumbling depth

and sudden deluges drain oceans and drown forests fires.

Chocolate is named after the taste your lips forming hello

and sadness in the name they gave to your goodbye.

Don’t let the emptiness fool you, you are much more than a black

hole though you suck me into your presence, you are a black, whole

as in you complete me, complement me and make me king.

We are not drawn to regret but painted to be free like a canvas

still dripping feathers swaying in the breeze of an open window.

Don’t forget the sound of tomorrow but sink in the luxury

of each breath broken only by the promise of the unspoken.

You are a siren singing lost songs that gave up your voice

to climb ashore and rise with me to the skies beyond the horizon.

Sea waves foaming green and gray sprays of distilled beauty

shatter like so much glass against the insurmountable depth

of your worth. Thou art worthy or was it worthy art thou?

Or was it art thou worthy? Or thou. Art. Worthy? Art?

As in you are art, the expression of imagination across the page

stretched languid like a french model across the space of my mind,

leaving me unsettled and thirsty, craving for more

a drug addicted artist craving for completion, come for me and take me

places that I never could begin to forget never having seen.

Explode me and expose to like a meteor shattering the night sky,

cause baby you’re a firework, come and let your colors burst.

But be careful because my heart beats arrhythmic when I am near you,

like a drunken tap dancer and I am liable to stutter, I mean trip,

I mean fall, thundering like Niagara, deeply in love with you.


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