Sticky Note Story: Fragile, Handle with Care


He looked at the dull brown box and read with tired eyes: “Fragile, Handle with Care”. He laughed then, a lonely bark of a laughed that was both swallowed and echoed by the now cavernous walls of his house. “Handle with Care,” he muttered darkly and sneaked a guilty glance at the only memento left of them together. It was a picture, their smiling faces the background and their hands together forming a heart the fore. “Fragile” he whispered. 


Wasted Time-120 words-Raw-Realistic Fiction


         The chair shattered against the wall, echoing his shattered scream. He tore the tie of his neck and ripped of his designer suit coat.

          “Damn it God!” he cried, “I barely even know her! How can you do this to me!” A weak cough came from the next room and he froze mid-scream. He sprinted for the door, then opened it softly. 

           “Darling, it’s gonna be alright. Daddy is here now.” 

            He looked at her eyes, so young and innocent and all he could see was “Why weren’t you here, Why!?”

            Grasping her hand gently he pleaded “It was all for you honey, all those long hours were for you”. As her breath grew more shallow, he raged time wasted. 

Flash Fiction: Bus-stop-100 words-Prose


The Bus-Stop Girl is there everyday at 6 on the far left of the time battered bench. Reading, head down, thick brown hair escaping the knitted cap she wore. Everyday I leave my house, 5:45, and jog around the block. I just happen to pass by as she sits down, settling her skirt and opening her book. 57

I slow as I pass and breathe “Hello”. She always hears. She, her delicate fingers capturing her escaped hair, looks up from “A Streetcar named Desire”, green eyes glowing and says “Hello”. We share a smile and I run into the night, waiting for tomorrows smile. 43

Flash Fiction: Monkey- 75 words, sci-fi, dark, prose


“Crap!” I screamed, dropping my gun and clutching my arm.10  The acid was quickly eating through my Plexy suit. I reached to my ankle to grab the Photon knife and cut the acid covered suit.25 I clutched at air and then spasmed as the acid reached my skin. 38 From the end of the hallway came a coughing laugh, almost a hoot. I grimaced, looking at the Dark One, dressed in Old World clothes, holes cut for his tail. 68 “Please,” I started my voice hoarse with pain. 


Wow, this is a lot harder than it looks. I will have to practice. I just wanted to post something of an example. Lol, it can be used to measure any improvement that occurs.