A Whisper


The moments are mere shadows of a memory

Collecting dust in my mind like old books,

The stories only half remembered,

Slipping through my fingers like smoke


I can almost hear the whispers of our laughter,

The echoes of forgotten conversations

And the faint heat of the blazing infatuations

That now are only ash and dust


I stumble through the age old dance

Knowing the motions but not remembering

And I wonder if you can still dance

Your words with mine like before


I miss you


The hypocrisy of the heart knows no bounds

Even as these words typed pour out to soothe worried spirit

In my belly burn the fires of hell, bright and hotter than the sun

But as dark as the emptiness you leave behind

When you leave, though left you already had

And my heart breaks again and beats again even though

I was the one that let you go for a delusion of myself

But in the letting go tied you with a thousand strings of

Some intangible desire I cannot conjure

And so now as the illusive beat of the drummer boy calls

Your heart and your lovely gaze to the heart of another

I cry these words, my fingers quivering and trembling

Because my eyes will not cry

And my stomach churns and burns with the acid of regret

Because my heart doesn’t really feel it yet

But because my heart is a hypocrite

And the words of your beauty and perfection can only now

Splatter the page with my admiration after I no longer have you

I smile the words to you and type my approval

Though I want to reach out and grab you and throw you on my

Noble steed and ride through the sunset and come out on the other side

But I have nothing to give you but shadows of something more

So I will close my eyes and remember you as you were

My beautiful and illusive rose glistening in the glorious light of a million rainbows

As the light of my eyes illuminated your icy castle

But now as you thaw and grow

Your roots reaching for the ground and your leaves kissing the air

And your petals dancing in winds of change

I can only stop and stare my eyes lit up with the light of a thousand suns

And my heart beating the slow thrum of the universe song

I want to reach out and pluck you my rose and keep you safe and tucked away

But you would wither and die under my suffocating gaze

And I am not cruel enough to think to not share you with the world

So rose princess, ice queen, and stealer of my heart

I cast thee forth to the world that they too may enjoy your fragrance