Reblog for Reblog


We all have great work that needs to see the light. I was thinking it would be a good idea to do something similar to the tumblr was of reblogging.

To start go to someone’s blog and really immerse yourself and once you find a favorite you Reblog it. Hopefully we can get a lot of people doing the same.

I promise to Reblog everyone who re blogs me. I would love to meet and get to know more bloggers 🙂


Poetry Nowadays


Pathetic pandering to the same tired people,
Tongue tied they can only snap the same tune.
Clubbed to deaf with cliché, hypnotized blind
They…we are prey and predator, snake swallowing
Gorging on our behinds, entangled in our entrails.
What happened to living words, dancing sparks
the match to set off a forest fire of emotion
Shattering the dam, the walls and washing pain away
Where is the blood caressing pages like ink,
Tracing the cracks in shattered hearts so we can breath.
poetry nowadays needs mouth to mouth resuscitation
So let’s pick up pens, pencils and computer keyboards
Open our spirits and let the soul breath life unto the page

Sign Language: Talking to God


If I could talk to God on a misty morning,
I would remind him that humans are beautiful
and blind and deaf to the perfection of ourselves.

I would beg him for a sign, a language, sign language
to help us remember what our heart cries daily.
We could communicate the intangibles with curled fingers.

I would not ask for peace, or love, or money but understanding.
I would not ask to see or hear because sometimes the truth is bitter
I would ask only for a sign. A language to filter our spirits.

Don’t Call it a Comeback…oh wait, please do.


I’ve discovered that I can get an app for WordPress. As a result I’ll be able to post with more frequency. Hopefully start building a following and actually make something of this blog. I look forward to hearing from all of you! If this is your first time here then please feel free. Stay awhile and smell the roses. (I mean read my poetry). I am not funny, deep or even all that good at writing but I am honest and I love words. I do try to always respond to  comments and likes 🙂

Let’s have fun together!

Destined to Fly


She is a hawk, fierce and proud and free.

Light as air but her gaze is heavy.

Plumage perfect, the sunlight seeing

the subtle selection of her colors.

Her wings, long and graceful—


But clipped.


Flight feathers torn by invisible ghosts.

Body chained by devilish doubts,

that send her crashing down.  

Each time she leaps and drowns,

sinking, sinking, sinking.


Bruised brittle bones threaten to break

but she struggles and falls, and then again

never stopping, always leaping, reaching

slowly building faith, until finally—

the chains break, the heavy doubt, dust

her earthly prison no more


She is a hawk, proud and free

Born destined to fly



Have you ever just wanted to walk away?

Drop everything, grab a bag and fling yourself into the unknown

Each step carrying you into your future

Each footstep kicking up dust and uncovering your destiny


Have you ever stared at the moon 

hanging there like some mystical fruit

ripe and tender and just wanted to pluck it

to reach up into the galaxy and consumed worlds

swallowing entire civilizations


Have you ever sat down, closed your eyes and disappeared?

Your body fading as you sink into a different world

a world of fantasy where you understand why you were born

and you are special and your life means something


Have you itched to break free of this mold 

and uncover your true self?

Have you longed for freedom until your insides bleed

and you can barely breathe for longing?

Have you started to walk away and then



The unknown too strong

the bonds too heavy

the burdens too tight

the people too broken

have you tried to fly 

but drowned in excuses?


Have you felt so alone in your desire

So broken in your failure

that you sat down and created

a poem

a story

a song

a painting

a dance

a memory

a joke

a moment


hoping that somehow by airing out your fears

you will grow wings and fly

when in reality it’s just a mirror

that tells you the fairest in the land is waiting

but you’re too afraid to leave.