My Birth


I am a shadow of the future, 

an outcast of fate-

forced to wait breath bated, 

heart thumping for

my potential

For the inner fire of my being 

to burst and illuminate 

the world with the light of my soul

and the heat of my eyes

as I scan the crowd, the people

before my words roll out 

indominable waves of sound, 

emotion and self 

Swamping the world with my

self, and finally breaking free

of the egg shell shield of apathy

taking my first breath in 

a life of light and meaning


You, Me, We


In age past, before the

darkness coalesced its liquid depths

and gave way to light.

Back, back before darkness

was dark and light bright

there was an egg.

A single potential in the

backdrop of impossibility.

A promise too potent to be

held by the cold embrace of


Within we lay, not there but



So was the universe born,

A potential within a sea of


And became we.